The Invisible Signs of Embezzlement and the Cure for Nightmare Employees

In the episode you’ll hear: The signs an employee is embezzling money — and why embezzlement is so common. The ultimate cure for nightmare employees or mediocre ones who just check the box. The totally done-for-you hiring system that predicts human behavior (like mediocrity) for healthcare administrative staff and gets you 2-3 superstar employees – guaranteed. Resume vs Talent — … Read More

Why Being “Slow to Hire and Quick to Fire” is Outdated Advice

In the episode you’ll hear: The speed of hiring and how it affects hiring success. Why “slow to hire and quick to fire” is outdated advice, especially in a time with unemployment rates. The real cause of Hiring Paralysis and why being decisive is the #1 key to getting A-players on your team. How using scientific assessments can help you … Read More

Hiring for Experience vs Talent

In the episode you’ll hear: Why the standard resume sifting process is a lose-lose proposition What you really get when you focus on experience, especially when their previous position probably wasn’t a good fit for them Why talent is way more important than experience — and ways to hire for talent first. The biggest mistake people make when hiring that … Read More

The Onboarding Lunch that Reveals Who Your New Hire (Actually) Is

In the episode you’ll hear: The one simple new hire onboarding process that has helped build cohesive teams in countless health practices. The magic of this onboarding process and how a new hire’s pesky personality problems can come to light quickly on their first day. Why the Observation Day and Lunch allows your new hire to let his/her guard down … Read More

Case Study: How to Overcome The Difficulties of Hiring in a Rural Area

In the episode you’ll hear: Why a rural area is more of a labor “puddle” than a labor pool – and how to overcome the lack of qualified candidates. How a dentist went from a 50% turnover rate to finding (and keeping) capable superstars who were an ideal fit and had the strengths she was looking for. Why this dentist … Read More

Case Study: Finding Rock Star Hiring Candidates in Arizona

In the episode you’ll hear: How one private practice rose above turnover and personality problems on their staff – and filled key roles (receptionist, office manager) quickly and infused talent to erase negativity on their staff. How to identify and hire the right superstar talents quickly. How to assess attitude in a candidate BEFORE you hire them – so you … Read More

Three Hiring Mistakes Practices Commonly Make

In the episode you’ll hear: Why it’s virtually impossible to choose the right candidate based upon resume alone. Why the most experienced people can end up being catastrophic for a private practice because of their personality fit. How to detect toxic people BEFORE you hire them and save yourself from disaster. Why hiring using a scientific approach (instead of going … Read More

6 Steps You Can Use To Build A Stronger, More Capable Team for Your Business Easier and Faster Than Ever Before

Rock star team members can’t stand mediocrity – or anybody who’s not pulling their weight. They’re capable of 2-3X the productivity of the average employee. We’ve all seen this. So, how do you get more of the rock stars? Listen to my podcast with Ken Newhouse to find out: