We believe that:

The real cause for stalled practice growth is a lack of superb team members.

Your support staff is the heartbeat of your business. You can be the best doctor or wellness practitioner in the city, but if your staff isn’t amazing at taking care of the patients and the details (including the financials), then the practice is shrinking, not growing. As Edmund Burke says, “Good order is the foundation of all things,” and this includes a health practice. By predictably and accurately choosing candidates, Build My Team helps to stabilize your practice.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” candidate, but there is an “ideal.”

Any hiring manager can fall for the myth of catching a unicorn — that perfect candidate with all the experience, a huge heart and the ability to read minds. While there’s no such thing as perfect, we can send you several “ideal” candidates for each of your open healthcare team positions. Our mission is to help you feel energized and motivated in your business again by transforming your team into gold, one new hire at a time.

The most predictable and accurate way to hire is based on an ideal combination of mindset, personality, strengths and attitude— suited to the job description.

With our filtering and testing process, we find you ideal healthcare team members who are scientifically guaranteed to BE:

  • Results focused
  • Accountable
  • Quick learners
  • Highly motivated
  • Highly cooperative


  • The right attitude
  • A helpful heart
  • High stress tolerance
  • Social skills

Most doctors and wellness professionals tend to choose a candidate out of desperation to fill a position — and overvalue past experience on the resume or the interviewer’s charm.

This is where things can go awry. You can end up hiring someone who doesn’t have a patient-centered mindset, feels entitled, does the minimum to “check the box,” is persistently negative, and has other attitude problems. We solve this by getting to know your needs, posting a high performance job ad, and putting applicants through a rigorous screening process using a unique combination of psychometric assessments (mindset, personality, strengths and talent). We compare them against our benchmarks and predictive indicators.

Doctors and wellness professionals are attracted naturally to people they can fix (like patients).

While this natural tendency is helpful when attracting patients who need their health improved, it can be a disaster if you choose healthcare team members that need fixing. Of course, the last thing you want to do is to spend your time fixing office drama or incorrect paperwork. This is why Dr. Michael Neal invented a scientific approach to hiring healthcare team members, so he (and you) won’t fall for the wrong hire again — and you get a guaranteed superstar every time.


We're happy! We have all these new staff members and they are great! We hired four at the same time. It was taking up so much of our time and we don't have a Human Resources department to do this. We got what we wanted. The quality seems very, very high. It cut down the number of hours I spent doing this and it was almost immeasurable how much that helps to take that piece off my plate.


Our NO RISK Guarantee

If you are a Health Care Provider in the US or Canada and you schedule interviews for the candidates we provide within 48 hours of receipt, we guarantee that they will work out for 90 days from their start date. If, for any reason, they don’t work out within that time frame, we’ll find you a replacement candidate for free.

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