The #1 Return on Investment for Your Health Practice: Creating a Values-Based Culture

In the episode you’ll hear author Will Scott and Dr. Michael Neal, the CEO of Build My Team, discuss:

  • Why culture is so important in attracting (and keeping) superstars and increasing employee engagement and productivity.
  • How culture affects the front line of patients and can contribute to increased positive online reviews and word-of-mouth.
  • How to bring core values alive in your practice – so that your team truly lives them.
  • What doctors and healthcare practitioners can do to infuse culture and mission into their health practices so that core values are alive and thriving in their teams.
  • How when you ignore creating a culture around core values, it can wreak havoc in a practice.
  • Why the Return on the Investment (ROI) in Culture is the biggest ROI you can get.
  • How to create a Core Purpose and Core Values to create a healthcare practice that thrives.