The 6-Step Hiring System to Build a Stronger Team – Faster

In the episode you’ll hear Dr. Ken Newhouse interview Dr. Michael Neal, the CEO of Build My Team discuss:

  • How to solve the constant revolving door in a practice.
  • Why the empaths in your practice need to be the farthest away from the hiring process.
  • How to attract superstar team members to your practice.
  • The actual costs associated with hiring the wrong person, in terms of the costs of productivity, opportunity, hiring, training and employee morale – and the cost of reputation when you receive poor reviews from the fired employee and the patients they’ve interacted with.
  • Why a superstar employee is capable of 2-3x the productivity of a mediocre employee.
  • When and how to make an example of an employee that has crossed the line – and either chastise them or fire them.
  • Why it took Dr. Michael Neal coming to the brink before he invented a scientific process to hiring the right people for his practice, every time – and how the process became the basis of his company, Build My Team.