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The most predictable and accurate way to hire is based on an ideal combination of mindset, personality, strengths and attitude— suited to the job description.

With our filtering and testing process, we find you ideal healthcare team members who are scientifically guaranteed to BE:

  • Results focused
  • Accountable
  • Quick learners
  • Highly motivated
  • Highly cooperative


  • The right attitude
  • A helpful heart
  • High stress tolerance
  • Social skills
Build My Team has stabilized my practice. They have a platform that allows strong, predictable applicants to apply. We have been growing and needing to hire, but for every 2 hires, 1 wouldn’t work out. It was constant chaos. Build My Team has given us a solid core to build on. Because of this stability, I am better able to focus on the practice and team needs. The result is being a better boss and creating a better and more fair work environment for the employees, which further encourages them to stay. Personally, doing one less job makes a big difference and at the end of the day, is well worth the investment to free up the time and reduce stress.
- Dr. Kady Schloesser - Sprout Dental

It’s all scientific and 100% guaranteed.

Very little is needed from you once you sign up with Build My Team.

It's scientific and you save 90%+ of your time, reduce turnover and we guarantee that you gain a superstar team member.

We have high patient volume and it is difficult to find good talent for such a demanding position. Since we started working with Build My Team, all of our candidates have been excellent. I was skeptical. I thought “how could they do a better job than me?” After my first two hires with Build My Team, I realized I’m never going back to my old way of hiring. They post amazing ads that attract great candidates and they found the right match for my situation. The person we hired is an amazing fit for our practice. Build My Team is responsive, available by phone, email and text. Using Build My Team allows me to focus all of my time on patient care.
- Dr. Sachin Patel - Patel Retina Institute
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  • How to find superstars for your Health Practice & save yourself 90%+ of the time and 100% of the stress

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