Discovering the Diamond in the Rough

When our founder, Dr. Michael Neal was in college, a doctor took a chance on a young man who had zero previous experience — and hired him as a secretary in his Optometry office.

This simple act changed the trajectory of Dr. Michael Neal’s life. The Optometrist wrote him a reference letter to go to optometry school. This led to Mike meeting his wife (Dr. Amy Neal, also an Optometrist), having phenomenal kids, living in Pennsylvania and then starting their private practice.

Growing a Private Healthcare Practice

As Dr. Michael Neal grew his practice, he noticed a pattern. He hired new team members who seemed perfect, friendly and had great references. Then after two or three months, they left or he fired them. He was so frustrated about the time and money he invested into hiring and training them. He then worked long hours to make up the difference until a new team member could be found. And the cycle repeated again.

What was going wrong?

After hiring a ton of nightmares who cost his business dearly, Dr. Michael Neal realized that most of these hires didn't have the right mindset, personality, talents and strengths. He was looking at the resume, their experience, and how charming they were in the interview.

It finally dawned on him that before he became a Doctor, he started out as a secretary with zero experience. He switched to focusing on discovering those diamonds in the rough — like he once was. This led to him inventing a scientific and predictable way to hire superstar team members.

A Predictable Way to Hire Superstars

The way that Dr. Michael Neal started his career led to his new mission: sharing his scientific and predictable process for hiring superstars — now the foundation of the practice consulting company, Build My Team.

His hiring process is the most predictable and accurate way to hire, based on an ideal combination of mindset, personality, strengths and attitude— suited to the job description. With his filtering and testing process, Build My Team finds you ideal healthcare team members who are scientifically guaranteed to BE:

  • Results focused
  • Accountable
  • Quick learners
  • Highly motivated Highly cooperative


  • The right attitude
  • A helpful heart
  • High stress tolerance
  • Great social skills
Celebrating the Wins
We celebrate joyfully every time a “diamond in the rough” candidate wins a job from our clients and proves to be a superstar. It changes the trajectory of that person’s life forever, like it did for Dr. Michael Neal when he was starting out — and our clients gain a guaranteed superstar team member, too.
Here are a few of our favorite stories:
  • The stay at home mom

    The stay at home mom with no work experience who is now thriving as a successful medical technician. She had the motivation and skill set needed to succeed in spite of no prior experience

  • The grocery store clerk

    The grocery store clerk with outstanding motivation to succeed and a personality that would allow them to blend right in, is now an Ophthalmic Technician who has received in house training and is thriving.

  • The barista

    The barista who interviewed and was on-boarded within two weeks. They came in a few days during that period to train before/after their part-time shifts at Starbucks. From part-time barista to full-time optician thanks to our service!

  • The assistant food service manager

    The assistant food service manager who took their love for science and helping others and turned that into a new career as a medical technician despite having no prior experience.

  • The cashier

    The cashier with a love for biology and the medical field interviewed and was hired as a patient relations coordinator. They had the service skills needed and personality to really set the tone for all the patient’s visits.

  • The nanny

    The nanny who ended up having an uncanny knack for financial management. No prior experience and thriving as a bookkeeper in a medical practice.

  • The deli clerk

    The deli clerk who went seamlessly from slicing meat and making sandwiches to working the front desk at an Optometry office.


Using 'Build My Team' not only was the smoothest process ever, it brought such mental relief with someone else taking care of that monstrous 'to do' item on my list. Especially when I was having to cover shifts and work hours that I wouldn't have normally worked. I could know that I wasn't choosing a candidate out of desperation to just fill a position. That they went through a number of applicants and picked the cream of the crop!


Our NO RISK Guarantee

If you are a Health Care Provider in the US or Canada and you schedule interviews for the candidates we provide within 48 hours of receipt, we guarantee that they will work out for 90 days from their start date. If, for any reason, they don’t work out within that time frame, we’ll find you a replacement candidate for free.

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